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by James Fitzgerald

“Back Squat + Neuromuscular Efficiency”

Big Dawgs Strength WOD

2.9K 32
  • For Load
  • 1 rep max Tempo Back Squat
  • Rest 10 minutes
  • Then, Max Reps (1 set) of:
  • 30x1 rep max Back Squat (85% of 1RM)

The athlete establishes a back squat 1 rep maximum at a 30X1 tempo, rests 10 minutes, then performs an AMRAP set @30X1 at 85% of the 1 rep maximum for the day.

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The back squat is the cornerstone intensity movement in competitive functional fitness. All things revolve around the back squat 1RM. When able and repeatable at high levels of intensity, it signifies optimal readiness and confidence. The back-squat test also reveals any issues in a pattern of movement that is highly used in competitive functional fitness; in the squat pattern, thruster, wall ball, AirBike, jerk, push press, step up, step overs, rowing, running uphill, etc.

Good scores:
In many cases, in AMRAP scoring, once the absolutes of 415 for males and 300 pounds for females have been achieved, a score of six or more reps for males, and nine or more reps for females is what should be strived for in the AMRAP. The AMRAP score reflects what an athlete can do but having a score of two or three in the AMRAP with those absolute norms of 415 and 300 pounds as the 1RM is a problem. It’s a problem as it means that when close to the 1RM this athlete will be more excited internally than they should be every rep. That is, it’s simply their current essence. The sport has self-selected for lower neuromuscular efficiency (NME) people over time and has even arguably created people with even lower NME with its high volume of work at submaximal loads and contractions.

Potential limiters:
• Back squat absolute strength
• Lack of knee flexion muscular endurance
• Mechanical issues in the squat

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