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by Daniel Danao

“B B & R”

Coach Creation WOD

551 9
  • 6 Rounds for Time
  • 5 Sets Bear Complex with Sand Bag (80/40lb)
  • 3 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • 1 Rope Climb 15ft

B B & R simply stands for Bag Bar & Rope.

Score is the time to complete the 6 rounds.

The sand bag is used for this workout, each set performing the legendary Bear Complex (power clean,front squat, push press, back squat & push press). On completion of the 5 sets, this is followed by 3 bar muscle-ups & a rope climb.

Tips & strategy : The sandbag movements should not feel too heavy in your arms allowing the athlete to perform each round unbroken during the bear complex. Same for the bar muscle-ups, these should be performed unbroken. The rope climb can be performed legless or with the classic leg climb, whichever is the fastest way for the athlete.

Scaling options: Choose a lighter sandbag weight which will allow you to still complete the 5 sets unbroken, add in resistance bands to perform the muscle-ups. For the rope climbs, if needed, try to climb up half way.

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Daniel Danao coaches & trains at the HKIACF Box in Afghanistan with all levels of athletes, multinational soldiers, police, fire fighters and contractors. Two HERO WODS were also created for the CF community in Afghanistan.

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