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“Antipolis Home WOD 16”

CrossFit Antipolis Home WOD

1.1K 15
  • EMOM in 12 minutes
  • 6 Plank Toe Taps
  • 4 Candlesticks
  • 2 Knee Tap Push-Ups
  • In the remaining time, AMRAP of:
  • Pike Push-Ups

On a 12-minute clock, every minute on the minute (“EMOM“) complete the 6 Plank Toe Taps, 4 Candlesticks, 2 Knee Tap Push-Ups, and in the remaining time of the minute, max Pike Push-Ups.

Score is the total number of repetitions completed before the 12-minute clock stops.

Movement Standards

Plank Toe Tap: From the Plank Hold position, move to Downward Dog by driving your hips toward the sky and touching the left toe with the right hand. Move back to the Plank Hold position, then proceed to the Downward Dog and touch the right toe with the left hand.

Candlestick: From the standing position, perform an Air Squat, then at the bottom of the squat, roll the glutes and back onto the ground and lift both legs with knees extended perpendicular to the floor. Then move your way back to the starting position from lowering the legs, to a standing position without using both hands for support.

Knee Tap Push-Up: After perform a standard Push-Up, tap the right knee with the left elbow. Then, perform another Push-Up and tap the left knee with the right elbow.

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Background: “Antipolis Home WOD 16” is from a collection of WODs designed by CrossFit Antipolis @crossfitantipolis (Mouans-Sartoux, France) to be done with minimal equipment.

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