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“ACC (Australia) Qualifier 19.2”

2019 Australian CrossFit Championship WOD #2

2.8K 45
  • Part A
  • 30-20-10 Reps for Time
  • Dumbbell Deadlifts (2x35/22.5 kg)
  • Burpee Box Overs (24/20 in)
  • Part B
  • In the remaining time, perform:
  • 3 rep max Overhead Squat (from the ground)
  • Time Cap: 20 minutes

Part A begins with the Dumbbells on the floor and the athlete standing behind their Dumbbells. At the start of the ascending 20-minute clock, the athlete may pick up their Dumbbells and begin the workout. Upon completion of the first set of Deadlifts, the athlete will move to the Burpee Box Over. Athletes may take as many sets, breaking up the work as needed, to complete the required number of repetitions throughout the workout. There are 3 rounds in part A: 30 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 30 Burpee Box Overs, 20 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 20 Burpee Box Overs, 10 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 10 Burpee Box Overs.

If the athlete finishes Part A within the 20min Time Cap, record their score (mm:ss) and in the remaining time they will move to Part B. If the athlete doesn’t finish Part A their score is 20 mins + 1 second added to the time for every rep remaining. The athlete’s score for part B is then zero (0) kilograms.

Part B can begin as soon as the athlete has finished Part A. The Barbell may be pre-loaded with a starting weight. The athlete may increase or decrease the weight before each attempt. You may have as many attempts as you like before the time cap. You must have a successful attempt to get a score for part B, all 3 reps must be done before the timer ends. E.G if you complete 2 reps, and complete the 3rd after the buzzer, the attempt does NOT count.

For the 3 RM Overhead Squat to be successful, the Barbell must come from the floor. No racks or assistance is allowed. To get the Bar off the ground and overhead the following is permitted:
• Squat Snatch
• Power Snatch
• Clean and Jerk/Press
• Clean, put the Bar onto your back, then Jerk, Press or Snatch balance from behind the head

Movement Standards

Dumbbell Deadlift: The Dumbbell Deadlifts start with both ends on the ground. When performing the reps, only one end of the Dumbbell has to touch the ground. Both Dumbbells must touch the ground at the same time, on the outside of the feet. Conventional Deadlift only, NO Sumo Deadlifts or other variations are allowed.

At the top of the Deadlift, the athlete’s hips and shoulders must be in line at full extension, with elbows locked out.

Burpee Box Overs: The Burpee Box Over starts with the athlete facing the Box, the athlete must be square and head forward to the Box. NO Lateral Burpees allowed. The athlete’s chest and thighs must touch the ground on the bottom of the Burpee. The athlete may jump or step onto the Box and off the Box. Whether jumping or stepping, BOTH feet must make contact with the top of the Box at the same time. Coming off the Box, the athlete must turn around and be face forward on to the Box to perform their next Burpee.

Overhead Squat: The Barbell may be pre-loaded to a start weight. The athlete has to load their own Bar. No pit crews or assistance is allowed. The Barbell must start on the ground. The athlete may then lift the Bar from the ground and get it to an overhead position in any variation detailed above. As long as they are locked out with hips and knees at full extension before starting each rep. However, you may Squat Snatch the first rep if you wish.

For the 3RM squat to count, the hip crease must be below the knee at the bottom of each squat, and the athlete must stand up to full extension of the hips and knees. You must show control before lowering the Barbell down.

At the end of part B, you must declare the weight you successfully lifted and show the camera the Barbell and weight.

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Background: The Australian CrossFit Championship (ACC) Online Qualifier workout #2 (“ACC 19.2 Qualifier”) was the second of four total workouts for the 2019 ACC Qualifer. The workout, announced on November 13, 2018, is a two-part workout–a chipper for time and a 3 rep max overhead squat from the ground.

The Australian CrossFit Championship is a sanctioned proving ground for CrossFit athletes, with a ticket to the 2019 CrossFit Games up for grabs for first place male, female and team.

The competition took place on the 24th to 27th of January 2019 at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre.

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