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by James Fitzgerald

“30 Muscle-Up For Time + Max Unbroken”

Big Dawgs Gymnastics WOD

2.4K 8
  • For Time
  • 30 Unbroken Muscle-Ups

See: “30 Muscle-Ups” Benchmark WOD

At 3.2.1 go, the athlete performs 30 ring muscle-ups for time, going unbroken on the front end, then finishing the rest of then 30 for time.

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This test looks into dynamic expression of core and upper body gymnastics performance due to the large actions of various contractions happening at the shoulder in the catch dip out and descent and with the core flexion and extension pattern, helping the bottom end of the movement to create energy. When these dynamic contractions are placed under the highest volitional fatigue with the AMRAP requirement, great insight can be gleamed into the athlete’s dynamic expression ability through recovery.

Good scores:
Regarding requirements, 9% of the body weight in pounds is the number of AMRAP reps that would make a great absolute score and positive KPI.

The rest of the 30 muscle-ups for time would need to be completed in less than three minutes for males and less than three minutes and 30 seconds for females.

As an example, a 190-pound male would need to perform 19 ring muscle-ups in a row and then two minutes and 57 seconds for 30 reps total. Whereas a 130-pound female would require 13 reps in a row in the AMRAP, finishing up the rest of the reps in under three minutes and 30 seconds. The percentage of body weight correlation creates a score relative to body weight. As for the best athletes, a 185-pound male is performing 16 plus reps, and 140-pound females are performing 12+ reps.

Potential limiters:
• Mechanical issues
• Lack of muscle endurance
• Lack of aerobic development
• Lacking relative strength

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