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Mayhem Daily WOD

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  • Four Tabatas in 19 minutes
  • Tabata Push-Ups
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Tabata Inverted Ring Rows
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Tabata Stick Sit-Ups
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Tabata Jumping Split Lunges
  • Tabata is 20 second work, 10 second rest for 8 rounds.

On a 19-minute clock, perform 4 Tabatas, each with different prescribed movements. Each Tabata consists of 20 second work and 10 second rest for 8 rounds. Rest 1 minute after each Tabata.

Score is the total number of repetitions completed in the four Tabatas.

Movement Standards

Inverted Ring Row: Athlete’s feet must be on the box, the bottom of the rings set to hip height and shoulder width. Perform a standard Ring Row.

Stick Sit-Up: This will be performed as a standard Sit-Up with knees 90 degrees from the ground and holding a stick overhead. As the athlete lifts the upper torso of the ground, the stick will travel overhead as well.

Jumping Split Lunge: This is a standard Lunge with an additional jump for each rep.

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