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Thruster / “Flash Flood” Class WOD

1.9K 15
  • Thruster
  • Heavy Set of 3
  • “Flash Flood”
  • 2 Rounds:
  • 400 Meter Run
  • 21 Thrusters (95/65)

Two part workout today with a focus on the thruster. Athletes will begin the day by building to a heavy set of three from the floor. Athletes have the option of squat cleaning the first rep on both pieces today. “Flash Flood” is design to be quick and dirty sprint workout.

Scaling: The weight athletes choose here is something that they know they can complete with a maximum of one break each set. If athletes are on the fence about weight, it is better to go too light and unbroken than too heavy with multiple breaks. Substitutions for runs listed in teaching section.

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Strategy: There are some where being methodical about pacing pays off. There are some days where turning off the brain and going is the best option. Today is one those turn the brain off workouts. There is not much to think about other than moving fast and trying to hold onto the barbell.

Athletes want to find the max speed on each run that allows them to ideally go unbroken, taking one break if completely necessary. The legs will undoubtedly be fatigued going into the second run. Really thinking about falling and pulling here will enable athletes to maintain some speed in getting to the final barbell. Bring the energy, blast the music, and push to hold on for those 21 final reps.

Source: wodwell.com
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