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Push Press / “Sky Hook” Class WOD

3.5K 45
  • Push Press
  • Heavy Set of 3
  • “Sky Hook”
  • 3 Rounds For Time:
  • 20 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
  • 20 Front Squats (95/65)
  • 20 Push Press (95/65)

Two-part workout today, starting with a heavy set of 3 push press and finishing with a barbell only conditioning piece. When we go heavy or perform the workout “for load”, the goal is for athletes to challenge themselves on the weight while moving exceptionally well.

Scaling: In the conditioning section, the weight on the barbell should be something that athletes could complete each movement unbroken if they needed to separately. Strength should not be the limiting factor today in “Sky Hook”.

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Strategy: There is no place to hide with just a barbell in today’s workout. Looking at these big numbers can be intimidating, with 20 reps per movement and 60 reps total each round. Picking these apart and thinking of them in smaller chunks makes this a lot more manageable both physically and mentally. Rather than thinking of it as 20 repetitions, athletes can think of these as sets that add up to 20. This could be something like 10-10 or 8-7-5.

Transitioning from movement to movement, athletes can choose to break that last set up into a single repetition in order to move immediately to the next lift for a big set. For example, if an athlete goes 10 and 10 on hang power cleans and then drops the barbell, they will have to do an extra hang power clean to get the bar up for front squats. In that situation. Going 10-9-1 and then going into the front squats is most efficient. Manageable sets from the beginning will help athletes hold on when they need to in the middle and final round.

Source: wodwell.com
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