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“Belt Buckle” Class WOD

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  • “Belt Buckle”
  • For Time:
  • 1,000 Meter Row
  • 30 Deadlifts (225/155)
  • 50 Lateral Barbell Burpees

One time through for time on this short chipper. The best way to find the right stimulus is to choose the right weight on the barbell. The deadlifts should be performed at a weight that athletes are capable of holding onto 20+ repetitions when fresh. If athletes are on the fence, lighter is always better. This shouldn’t be a load where we are limited by strength. A small set should always be in the tank. The burpees are performed laterally over a barbell, with no need to reach full extension at the top of each rep.

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While all three movements are impactful in their own way, the row is the least important part of the workout. Going a couple seconds slower on your pace per 500 can pay off big time in terms of holding on for bigger sets of deadlifts. Based on how confident athletes are with their deadlift, going 5-10 seconds slower than their pace per 500 of their best 2k row will set them up nicely for the next movement. Once at the barbell, the proper sets will be athlete specific. 15-15, 12-10-8, 10-8-7-5, or 5 sets of 6 are just a few of the many options. No matter the breakup plan, the goal is to minimize rest between. Finishing out with the burpees, the pace is less important than not stopping. Just like in running, take it one step at a time and try to keep moving without a break for all 50 reps, even if that means going slower from the beginning.

Source: wodwell.com
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