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“Strongman Style” Class WOD

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  • AMRAP in 25 minutes
  • “Strongman Style”
  • Teams of 4-5 (5 minutes at each station)
  • Prowler Push
  • Hand over Hand Sled Pull
  • Calorie Ski Erg
  • D-Ball or Sandbag Clean
  • Yoke Carry

Strongman style movements are a fun opportunity to vary training and prepare for things in everyday life. Very rarely will be presented a symmetrical object like a barbell to pick up off the ground or press overhead in the real world. These objects tend to be more asymmetrical and unwieldy. Understanding that not all gyms have the equipment listed above, we can get creative with modifications. Some options for possible stations are listed here:

Farmers Carries
Plate Push
Calorie Bike
Tire Flip
D-Ball Carries
Axle Bar Cleans
Sandbag Carries
Back Rack Barbell Carry
Atlas Stones
Sled Drag

On movements similar to prowler push, yoke carries, and sled pulls, reps can be counted after traveling a certain distance. On movements such as the ski erg calories and tire flips, scoring will be counted with every rep. Score is total repetitions completed at the end of the 5 stations. If you have enough equipment, having 2 athletes moving on certain movements like the prowler push, yoke carries, and sled pulls will minimize the amount of standing around.

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Again if equipment allows, having two athletes working at time will minimize standing around and maximize work complete. The goal for teams during this partner workout (and any partner workout) is to go hard when it is their turn and focus on recovering as their partners go. Due to the heavier nature of a lot of these movements, athletes will likely switch off after one rep or a full length. The ski erg is the one exception where athletes can switch after 7-10 calories.

During the workout. coaches can make it clear to groups where they are transitioning next. On movements like sleds, yokes, or others where weight is loaded on and off, make sure that groups quickly make the switch as to not lose precious seconds within the five minute windows. One athlete can quickly write down the score for the each round during the transition time.
Source: wodwell.com
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