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"Gwen" Class WOD

1.5K 2
  • “Gwen”
  • 15-12-9
  • Unbroken Clean and Jerks
  • Athletes' choice on loading

Gwen” is a fun and different benchmark workout in that athletes get to choose their weight on the barbell. Not only does this workout test strength and power, but also conditioning. Weight should be something that they can ‘touch and go’ the for 15-20 repetitions. This means that there is no pause or re-gripping at any point on the ground. Athletes may pause briefly in the front rack before bringing the bar back down to the hips. If athletes are on the fence about 2 loads, going on the lighter side is the better option in order for them to get a score for the day.

There is no time component to the workout today, however giving some structure will allows the class to run smoothly and help athletes choose the right weight. An option is to start the first set on the 0:00, second set on the 5:00 and third set on the 10:00. If athletes need a little longer of a break, sets can be performed on the 0:00, 7:00, and 14:00. We want to aim to get this done in under 20 minutes.

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Source: wodwell.com
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