“Finning” Class WOD

  • “Finning”
  • 4 Rounds:
  • 10 Close Grip Dumbbell Bench Press (50/35)
  • 15 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows, each (50/35)
  • 20 Strict Presses (empty barbell)
  • 25 Banded Pull Aparts

“The unwieldiness of two things brings all of the wonderful neurological dynamics that translate to increased strength.” – Greg Glassman

Looking to add in some accessory work during this Sunday session. Great day to slow things down and focus on quality of movement vs. intensity. The benefit of dumbbells is similar to that of the rings. The instability of the ring dip makes it a more challenging movement. Practicing the unstable movement makes the stable movement, a bar dip for example, much easier. Similarly, training with dumbbells will work to improve barbell movements.
These rounds are not for time, just completion. If your gym is not equipped with dumbbells, using kettlebells or a barbell will work as well. Weight on the dumbbell and barbell should be something that athletes can perform 20+ reps unbroken when fresh.

On Sunday’s at CrossFit New England, we do not run group classes. However, there is a coach present for the 5 hour window and a workout written up on the board. The coach is there to give athletes assistance whether they choose to do what is prescribed or something of their own. We will still provide structure here if your affiliate does run a group class on Sunday.

Source: wodwell.com
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