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Deadlift / "Flat Tire" Class WOD

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  • Deadlift
  • Build to Heavy Set of 5
  • followed by…
  • "Flat Tire"
  • Teams of 3:
  • On the Minute x 12 (4 Rounds)
  • 10 Deadlifts (225/155)
  • 20 AbMat Sit-Ups
  • Max Calorie Bike

Starting with weightlifting followed by a team conditioning cash-out. Similar to last week with the back squat/thruster combination, we are still looking to prioritize quality of movement and overload the system to make the conditioning deadlifts feel lighter. The deadlifts in the conditioning piece should be a weight athletes could complete 20+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. If not equipped with a bike, substitute a max calorie row.
Athletes will each start at a different station, rotating on the minute. For example, athlete 1 will begin on the barbell, athlete 2 will begin on the abmat, and athlete 3 will begin on the bike. At the top of each minute, they will rotate movements.

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Source: wodwell.com
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