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  • Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
  • 135 pound barbell Thrusters
  • 45 pound weighted Pull-ups
  • For weighted pull-ups, placing a 45 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles works great.

See:Heavy Fran” Benchmark WOD

With a running clock, complete the prescribed work in the order written as fast as possible (“For Time“). Athlete must complete 15 Thrusters and 15 Weighted Pull-Ups, 12 Thrusters and 12 Weighted Pull-Ups, and 9 thrusters and 9 Weighted Pull-Ups.

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of the Weighted Pull-Ups is completed.

Scaling Options

This couplet is one of the original variations on the classic Fran. Choose loads and modifications that are more challenging than you would do in Fran yet allow you to complete the reps in 2-3 sets each round.

15-12-9 Reps for Time
Thrusters (115/75 lb)
Weighted Pull-Ups (35/20 lb)

15-12-9 Reps for Time
Thrusters (65/45 lb)
Jumping Pull-Ups

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