CrossFit Main Site Daily WOD

  • Five rounds of:
  • [Thruster ](http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/Barbell_Thruster.wmv)12 reps
  • 12 [Pull-ups](http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/pull-up.wmv)
  • Pick load for the thruster and keep it for all five rounds.
  • Divide thruster weight by number of seconds to completion for total score. Post score in comments.
  • Our “thruster” is nothing more than a front squat - push press combo. The movement represents one of the most significant accelerations that can be performed by the human body. It requires a full range of motion in the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and wrist all working against the normal force of gravity with entire body mass plus a load. It doesn’t get any harder than that.

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