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Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

Why: The sumo deadlift high pull is a great bridge between the deadlift and the faster, more explosive lifts like the clean and the snatch. This movement teaches you hip extension, knee extension, and builds strength in your posterior chain and upper body all in the same lift. 

Set-Up: Start with your feet slightly wider than a shoulder-width stance. Place your hands inside your legs on the barbell. Get a full grip on the bar. Get into a neutral spine position with your lumbar curve maintained and shoulders slightly in front of the bar. 

Execution: Your hips and shoulders rise at the same rate as you pull the bar off the ground. Reach full hip extension. Keep your heels down until your hips and legs extend. Shrug your shoulders and then pull with your arms. Bring your elbows high and outside. The bar moves over the middle of your foot. To complete the movement, finish with full hip and knee extension and pull the bar under your chin.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– The bar starts on the ground with your hands inside your legs
– The bar gets to chin height with the hips and knees at full extension 

Pro-Tip: Athletes sometimes bend their wrists at the top of the sumo deadlift high pull. Instead, keep neutral, straight wrists when the barbell gets to chin height. It’s safer and allows better transfer of power to the barbell.

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