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Ski (Skiing on Ski Erg)

The skierg gives you the feeling and intensity of cross country skiing without the need for snow. The skierg helps increase your cardiovascular endurance (engine) whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete—you control the intensity. You also get a great abdominal workout on the skierg—the movement pattern mimics that of the ab-mat sit-up and GHD sit-up

Set-Up: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand approximately 18-24 inches away from the flywheel. Grab the handles and get a full grip. The elbows start bent at 90 degrees and just slightly above eye-level. Brace your core. 

Execution: Drive the handles downward by hinging at the hips before bending your knees. Your heels may come up at the start of the pull. After each pull, your knees are bent and your arms are extended alongside your hips. Aim your thumbs for your thighs. Avoid bending your wrists. Stand up and elevate your arms for the next pull. (For a classic skiing technique, alternate arm pulls.) 

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You reach the necessary distance, calorie, or time prescription required by the WOD (there are typically no requirements for how effectively or efficiently you do so in a WOD)
– In a competition WOD, check standards for when you can grab the skierg’s handles 

Pro-Tip: Listen to the sound of the skierg flywheel as it indicates your cadence. When you hear the loud, whooshing sound (the pinnacle of the stroke), wait one second (just as the flywheel starts to slow) and then pull again. This will (1) ensure your efficiency on the skierg—no wasted strokes, and (2) help you keep a steady heart rate.

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