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Row (Rowing)

Rowing is a monostructural metabolic conditioning exercise (just like swimming, running, and biking) aimed to increase your cardiovascular endurance and stamina. It’s cardio worthy of a standby puke bucket! Rowing is a powerful way to increase your endurance. It’s also a great way to work cardio into your gymnastics and/or strength workouts. A sprint on the rower packs a punch.

Set-Up: Start seated on the rower with your arms extended and your hips slightly behind your shoulders—this is the catch position. Sit tall and brace your core.

Execution: Maintain your hip angle and extend your legs. Once the legs have extended, open your hips and lean back no more than 30 degrees. Pull the handle to your sternum. Keep your elbows back. Maintain your lumbar curve. To return to the catch position, reverse the movement: extend your arms, lean your torso forward, and bend your knees.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You reach the necessary meter, calorie, or time prescription required by the WOD (there are typically no requirements for how effectively or efficiently you do so in a WOD)
– In a competition WOD, check standards for when you can mount, dismount, or grab the rower’s handle

Pro-Tip: When you’re in the “catch” position, think about aggressively driving out with your legs and letting the arms simply finish the pull for you. You’ll be a more efficient and effective rower if you primarily use your lower body.

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