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Handstand Push-Up

Why: The handstand push-up is an ideal bodyweight movement for building upper body pressing strength. And because there are so many push-up variations (the standard push-up, the handstand hold, the deficit handstand push-up, the free-standing handstand push-up, etc.) it’s easy to scale the movement up or down based on fitness level. 

Set-Up: Start inverted in a handstand position with your hands just outside shoulder-width. Your arms should be fully extended. 

Execution: Descend until your head touches the ground. During the descent, the elbows should move forward. Keep the core braced throughout the movement. To complete the movement, reach full arm extension and get the body in a straight line. 

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Start the movement with your arms fully extended
– Your head touches the ground on the descent
– You finish the movement with your arms extended overhead and your body in a straight line

Pro-Tip: It’s common for athletes to touch their head exactly between their hands. This not only puts the shoulder in an unsafe position, but is also an inefficient pressing position. On the descent, your head should touch the ground in front of your fingertips and form a tripod with your hands.

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