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GHD Sit-Up

Why: The GHD Sit-Up is peerless in its ability to build core strength. The full range of motion required allows for complete abdominal overload and fatigue. The GHD sit-up does for your core what the back squat does for your lower body strength.

Set-Up: Start in a seated position on the GHD machine’s support pad where your hips are free with your legs slightly bent. Brace the core. 

Execution: Descend back and keep your knees bent. Touch one or both hands to the ground behind you. Then, extend your legs aggressively to initiate the ascent. To complete the movement, touch both hands to the foot pad in front of you.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Your hand(s) touch the floor on the descent (two-hand-touch is the most common standard in WODs)
– Both hands touch the foot pad on the ascent 

Pro-Tip: In the set-up, make sure your glutes hang off the support pad. This allows you to get full range of motion without hyperextending your lower back.

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