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Air Biking/Assault Biking

Biking on the air bike is potent cardiovascular endurance exercise that builds your lungs, legs, and mental toughness. Add the air bike (whether an Assault Bike, Airdyne, or Echo Bike) to a WOD when you want a hard hit of metabolic conditioning (like in “Assault Reduction”), or use it solo for interval training (like in “Death By Assault”).

Set-Up: Stand next to the seat of the air bike and move the seat up or down until it’s at hip bone height. When seated your leg should not be locked out at the bottom of the pedal revolution. Move the seat forward or back so when you’re seated with one leg straight and one leg bent, the knee of the bent leg tracks over your toes. Sit tall. Get a full grip on the handles. Brace your core.

Execution: Drive the pedals forward with legs and arms. The power comes from your legs. Your knees track your toes. Look straight ahead to keep a neutral spine.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You reach the necessary distance, calorie, or time prescription required by the WOD (there are typically no requirements for how effectively or efficiently you do so in a WOD)
– In a competition WOD, check standards for when you can mount, dismount, or grab the air bike’s handles

Pro-Tip: Use the erg and learn your pace (RPMs or Cal/Hr) for different types of intensity. You’ll be better able to hold the right pace when air bike comes up in a WOD or competition.

Air Biking/Assault Biking Warm-Ups

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