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The tire (a literal tractor tire typically weighing 300-600 pounds) is a rudimentary, functional, affordable piece of functional fitness equipment. It’s not the most common equipment, but its versatility, effectiveness, and fun factor make it a great option for athletes who have the space for it.

Why the Tire: There is value in varying the movements and equipment you use in training. Adding in an “odd object” (like a tire) can spice up your training session and put the functional in functional fitness. Tires have been used for decades in Strongman training.

Exercises: The most common exercise the tire is used for is the tire flip. You can also use the tire instead of more common equipment and perform loads of different functional fitness movements:
– Use the tire instead of the box to perform box jumps
– Use the tire instead of the barbell to perform underhanded deadlifts
– Use the tire instead of a bench or box to perform decline or incline push-ups
– Roll the tire alongside you instead of using a weight vest or sandbag—just like the CrossFit Regionals athletes did in the “Regionals 10.1 (Africa)” WOD.

Have access to a tire? Find your inner strongman and get going on some of the benchmark tire WODs below!