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Looking for an easy way to add some cardio into your workout? Just find a set of stairs and get to work! Stairs are incredibly accessible (you can find them almost anywhere) making them a great addition to any workout, most especially a travel WOD.

Why Stairs: Cardiovascular endurance is the foundation on which all other physical skills are built. Poor endurance is an unforgiving chink in your fitness armor. Adding cardio exercises (like stair runs) to your training helps you become a well-rounded athlete. Get really uncomfortable and throw a sandbag or a weight vest on!

Stairs aren’t always just for cardio. In the 2018 CrossFit Games, athletes completed a workout called “2018 Handstand Walk” — and handstand walked up and down a small set of steps.

Traveling WODs: When you travel, you’re often left with very minimal equipment to work with. That’s why it’s great to have a handful of WODs that don’t require any equipment; and a stairwell is just about all you need to get a brutal WOD when you’re away from home.