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Sled (Prowler)

The sled (or prowler) is a formidable piece of equipment capable of bringing burning lungs and seizing legs to any athlete. When you think about sleds or prowlers, your mind may go straight to football offseason. American football players have been using padded prowlers (“blocking dummies” in football terms) for decades to mimic the force an athlete feels when blocking an opposing team’s player.

Function: There are tons of different kinds of sleds, ranging in size, purpose, and price. Some, like the big prowlers, are for pushing only; others, like the small sleds with straps, can be pushed and pulled. And while the primary purpose of a sled is to push it or pull it, you can do lots of other movements with them like chest presses.

Load: Regardless of the type of sled, you’ll find that each variety has a weight post where you can add plates. A heavy load will challenge your endurance and help you build a strong posterior chain—much like a deadlift will; a lighter load will develop your sprinting speed and increase your metabolic conditioning.

Don’t have a sled? Build one yourself.