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PVC Pipe

The PVC pipe is a great lightweight substitute for the barbell because it’s an affordable and durable implement that you can hold in the same position as a barbell, without the load – usually for technique practice in a warm-up or training, but sometimes in a WOD.

Warm-Up and Technique: The PVC pipe is also a great tool for warming up before any barbell WOD, you want a thorough warm-up to prepare your body for the movements you’re about to do (especially important for overhead squats, since a lot of athletes have difficulty simply overhead squatting the empty barbell). Use the PVC pipe to learn the technique of the barbell movements like Olympic lifts, the powerlifting lifts, the squats, and the presses.

The PVC pipe goes beyond the warm-up—you’ll find it used as the primary piece of equipment in benchmark WODs like “Broomstick Mile”.