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Parallettes are the small version of the Parallel Bars you see in gymnastics. Their affordability and practicality make them an ideal piece of gym equipment for anyone looking to increase bodyweight strength.

Why Parallettes: Having a big, bulky set of Parallel Bars in a gym just doesn’t make sense; but the benefits you get from P-bar training are too good to ignore. Enter: the Parallettes. Gain a ton of strength by performing exercises like dips, L-Sits, and deficit handstand push-ups. You’ll not only increase your bodyweight strength, but you’ll also enhance your grip strength—a necessary component to being an effective athlete in functional fitness.

Set-Up: Make sure you buy, make, or are using a high-quality set of parallettes—they need to be sturdy and stable enough to safely hold your bodyweight. Almost every exercise you perform using the parallettes will start with the bars just under (or slightly outside of) your shoulders. Ensure that your parallettes aren’t set up too far apart—it’ll put unnecessary (and unsafe) stress on your joints.