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Medicine Ball (Wall Ball)

The medicine ball is a versatile, beginner-friendly (don’t let the word beginner fool you—this thing can bring the pain!) piece of equipment that is used most often for the infamous wall ball shot exercise. But there’s more to med balls than wall balls: Medicine balls are perfect for exercises like Russian twists and weighted pull-ups; and medicine ball cleans are a killer way to learn to properly perform a barbell clean.

Weight increments: Med balls come in many different weights, from four pounds (or even less) up to 150+ pounds! The lighter the ball, the better it is for metabolic conditioning (aka: cardio); the heavy med balls are best for strength training or strongman training. CrossFit-style workouts typically prescribe men to use a 20-lb. ball and women to use a 14-lb. ball.

Outfitting your gym: If you’re creating a garage gym, the medicine ball should be a piece of equipment at the top of your list. It’s versatility, durability, and affordability makes it an easy choice.