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Kettlebells are old school. Really old school. The word “Girya” (Russian word for kettlebell) is in a Russian dictionary published in 1704! By the late 1800’s, the kettlebell was popularized and was being used for exercise. The fitness benefits of kettlebell training have been tested for hundreds of years, and we still use them to this day because they get results.

Function and Uses: Using kettlebells in training helps keep you balanced. Heavier kettlebells can build strength while lighter kettlebells can be used for cardiovascular conditioning. The kettlebell swing is the best known kettlebell exercise. But like dumbbells, kettlebells are pieces of equipment that also help you with unilateral movements, i.e. single arm presses, split squats, lunges, Turkish get-ups, etc. Unilateral movements are single arm or single leg movements that challenge you both neurologically and physically.

Tip: The unit of measurement in which kettlebells are weighed is called a “Pood.” 1 pood = 16.4 kg = 36.1 lb. Google can convert pood to pounds or kilograms for you, too.