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Step aside, barbells, because dumbbells are here to shake up the training!

Unilateral Training: Dumbbells are among the most potent and versatile pieces of equipment you can train with. When you use dumbbells instead of a barbell, you’re working on unilateral movement rather than bilateral movement. That is, your hands/arms have to move independently and freely from one another, eliciting a powerful neurological response that’ll get you stronger and fitter. The barbell is good at hiding your weaknesses, too. But the dumbbells? They show no mercy. They highlight where your deficiencies are in strength, stability, and mobility.

Physiological Benefits: Dumbbells are also great at diagnosing and treating imbalances. For instance, you may find that on the eighth repetition of a Strict Dumbbell Shoulder Press, your right arm is fine, but your left arm won’t budge. That shows you that you’ve got a strength imbalance – your right side is stronger than your left. The good news is that the more you train with dumbbells, the more balance you’ll bring to your body. The more balanced you are as an athlete, the less likely you are to get injured over time.