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Dip Bars

If you’re looking for a piece of equipment you can use with nothing more than your bodyweight to significantly increase strength in your chest, shoulders and triceps, look no further than Dip Bars. Dip bars allow you to perform stationary dips (aka: tricep dips)—a gymnastic movement that is great for building upper body strength.

Why Dip Bars: Dip bars take up little space and will last a lifetime if they are taken care of. Dips on dip bars don’t require the extra stabilization strength that dips on rings do. Complement other gymnastics equipment like rings, pull-up bars, and ropes to increase your bodyweight strength.

Set-Up: With dip bars, you want the bars to be shoulder-distance apart to allow you to have the right hand placement. Height off the ground is also important—if your dip bars are too low, you won’t be able to reach full flexion (the bottom of the dip) without your feet or knees touching the ground.