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The bench is a versatile piece of equipment best known in CrossFit when used in combination with a weight rack for the bench press, but also used for accessory movements like balance lunges and bodybuilding exercises like dumbbell rows, flys, and more.

It’s a relatively old piece of equipment—athletes have been using it for benching since around the 1930’s!

For Scaling: The bench is an ideal piece of equipment for scaling difficult movements. The bench dip is a more manageable alternative to the ring dip; the bench incline push-up (hands on the bench and feet on the floor) is a great scale for the standard push-up; the bench decline push-up (feet on the bench and hips in the air) is a perfect option for athletes that haven’t conquered handstand push-ups yet; and the one-legged bench squat (squat to the bench with one leg held out) is an ideal substitute for pistol squats.

Varieties: There are many different kinds of benches out there, the most common (and least expensive) one being a flat bench. The flat bench doesn’t have options for incline or decline, and it doesn’t have any additional features/accessories (like a foot catch that allows you to do decline sit-ups); but for most folks, the flat bench will do the trick.

The time is now! Knock out some workouts that incorporate a bench from the list below.