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The AbMat is an ergonomic piece of core equipment designed to be placed underneath your lower back while performing sit-ups. The AbMat’s design helps you build core strength while protecting your back.

Why the AbMat: Traditional sit-ups (the military-style ones with anchored feet and no AbMat) have some fundamental flaws that the AbMat solves:
– The hip flexors do way too much work in a traditional sit-up.
– Without an AbMat, the back is arched and in an unsafe position.
– Momentum (not a legitimate contraction) is what finishes the movement in a traditional sit-up.
– Without an AbMat, the flat surface of the floor doesn’t allow for the spine to fully extend, making it impossible to obtain full range of motion.

Beyond the Sit-Up: While the AbMat was designed to help athletes safely perform full range of motion sit-ups, there are lots of uses for this piece of equipment: Use the AbMat as a cushion for your head while performing handstand push-ups; place the AbMat under your knee while working on lower-body flexibility exercises like hip-openers; play AbMat Pizza—a fun, dynamic warm-up; or if you really like sit-ups and want to celebrate the AbMat for its true purpose, try the “Annie” benchmark WOD.

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