Add a Benchmark WOD

Know of a benchmark WOD that we should add to our list? Tell us!

Here’s what we look for when considering whether to add a new benchmark WOD to WODwell:

  • Created by a coach or certified trainer (You don’t have to be a coach to submit a WOD but we will only publish WODs that were originally created by a coach/trainer).
  • A direct link to where the workout has been posted online (website or social media) by a fitness coach or trainer.
  • Adopted by multiple other athletes/coaches/gyms (not just an individual).
  • A good story that explains (1) the origins of the workout, (2) the namesake (if it’s a hero WOD, memorial WOD, or other kind of tribute WOD), (3) why it was designed the way it was and by whom, (4) where it was first performed and when, (5) what gym it’s associated with (if any), and (6) anything else that makes the workout interesting!
  • If you have a video of the workout (optional), give us a link to that too. It helps a lot.