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49 Dip (Ring Dip / Tricep Dip) WODs

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Why: Dips (ring and bar) build upper body strength—mainly in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Bar dips—the kind you perform using dip bars—are potent; but the instability of the gymnastics rings make ring dips even tougher than bar dips. And if a ring muscle up is on your bucket list, you’ll need to get proficient at this movement—ring dips are a prerequisite movement for the ring muscle up. 

Set-Up: Set the rings/bars so they are approximately shoulder-width apart. Get a full grip. Jump to the support position with your arms extended.

Execution: Lower down. Drop your chest forward as your elbows go back. Your shoulders should descend lower than your elbows. Keep your hands close to your body. Press back out to full arm extension to complete the movement.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You begin and end the rep with full arm extension
– Your shoulders drop below your elbows at the bottom of the dip

Pro-Tip: In kipping ring dips, athletes will often bend their knees as they lower themselves down to the bottom of the dip. For more power and efficiency, keep your legs straight as you lower yourself down to the bottom of the dip. To come up, shoot your knees up and press to support.