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145 Toes-to-Bar WODs

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Why: Toes to bar is more than just a core movement—it works your shoulder strength/stability, grip strength, and even your cardiovascular endurance if the WOD calls for high volume repetitions. And toes to bar proficiency is valuable—it’s a common movement in CrossFit-style WODs. 

Set-Up: Start in a full hang position on the pull-up bar with your arms fully extended and feet off the ground. Your hands should be just outside shoulder-width. Get a full grip on the bar. 

Execution: Initiate the swing from the shoulders. Alternate between the arched position and the hollow position. Lift your feet up when you’re in the hollow position while you simultaneously push down on the bar with straight arms. Make contact with both feet, at the same time, on the bar between your hands. (If the WOD calls for strict toes to bar, get rid of the kipping swing.)

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You start in a full hang position with your arms extended and feet behind the bar
– Both feet touch the bar between your hands at the same time 

Pro-Tip: In toes to bar, it’s common for athletes to go from a kipping swing (good) to a pendulum swing (bad). This can be solved by immediately dropping the feet straight down after the toes have made contact with the bar. When the feet go out and away from your body, you lose the kipping swing and start the pendulum swing.