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“Stimulus Travel WOD 4”

CrossFit Stimulus Travel WOD

3.0K 157
  • Run for 10 minutes
  • Each minute on the minute perform:
  • 20 Air Squats

Run for 10 minutes. Every minute on the minute, stop the run to do 20 air squats.

Score is the total distance covered (in meters) in the run.

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Background: “Stimulus Travel WOD 4” is from a collection of “travel WODs” (workouts you can do with no equipment) by CrossFit Stimulus @crossfitstimulus (Hampton, VA, USA) that gained popularity after the gym posted the list on their own website for any time members couldn’t make it to the gym. The page said, “Because we love our CrossFit Stimulus family, we’ve put together over two-weeks worth of travel WODs that require no equipment but it can easily be added if you’re at a hotel with free weights!”

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