“Regionals 10.3 (Central East)”

2010 CrossFit Games Regionals WOD

  • For Load
  • 1 rep max Deadlift

Each athlete will have a bar, an infinite supply of plates and ten minutes to achieve their max deadlift.

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2010 again redesigned the CrossFit Games season. On December 3, 2009, the Games site announced that the 2010 Regionals would no longer be open to anyone — athletes would have to qualify via Sectionals, a new stage of competition. Sectionals chopped the world up into even smaller bits. Some regions were split into as many as four different sections. In addition, an Online Qualifier, specifically designed for military service members unable to attend Sectionals, fed athletes into Regionals.

While 2010 saw the Sectionals spread out over the world, the number of Regionals decreased. Canada East and West were consolidated into one Canada Regional, and Iceland joined Europe. In total, 13 live Regional competitions selected the athletes of the CrossFit Games. Similar to 2009, each qualifying event for the CrossFit Games featured different programming during both Sectionals and Regionals.

The third of 4 total workouts for the 2010 Central East CrossFit Games Regionals (aka: "Regionals 10.3 (Central East)") was announced on May 5, 2010.
Movements : Deadlift
Equipment : Barbell
Scoring : For Load
Category : Qualifiers