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CrossFit DeltaFox Memorial WOD

302 7
  • AMRAP in 35 minutes
  • Buy-In: 79 Pull-Ups
  • Then, AMRAP in remaining time of:
  • 14 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lb)
  • 200 meter Farmer's Carry (2x50/35 lb)
  • 19 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20 in)

On a 35-minute clock, start by completing the 79 Pull-Ups. Once done, move immediately to complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible (AMRAP) in the remaining time of the Dumbbell Snatches, Farmer’s Carry, and Burpee Box Jump Overs.

Score is the total number of rounds and repetitions completed of the AMRAP portion of the workout.

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Background: This memorial workout is dedicated to the memory of John McDonald, who passed away on November 23, 2014, at the age of 79.

We first found this workout posted by CrossFit DeltaFox @crossfit_deltafox (Darwen, UK). Through research, we determined that "John" was designed by his grandson, Nathan McDonald @nmcd_fs, Owner of Fortitude Scoring @fortitude_scoring, with the help and guidance of Mikey Henry @mikeydeltafox, Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit DeltaFox.

In an email with WODwell, Nathan told us that the pull-ups signify every year that John lived (79) and the reps signify the date of John's birth 14/01/1935.

As Nathan relates it, his grandfather was a major influence on his life and was a driving force behind Nathan's business success (Fortitude Scoring).
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