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Hyrox Workout of the Week

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  • For Load:
  • 5 Rounds of 5 Back Squats (increase weight each round)
  • Then, 30-20-10-20-30 Reps for Time of:
  • Calorie Ski
  • Air Squats
  • Burpees
  • Time Cap: 30 minutes

Hetfield consists of 2 parts that you should complete one after another.

In part A you complete 5 sets of 5 Back Squats. Choose a weight that allows you to perform them with good form. It should be heavy but doable.

The second part combines SkiErg, Air Squats and Burpees. In the first round, you’ll complete  30 calories SkiErg, Air Squats and Burpees, in the second round, it’s 20 cal/reps, in the third round 10 cal/reps, then 20, then 30. The time cap for part b) is 30 minutes.

There will be two scores for this workout. Score A is the heaviest load successfully lifted for the Back Squats. Score B is the time it takes to complete the second part of the workout.

Scaling Option: Choose a light to moderate weight for part a) and by skipping every other round in part b) (eg: 30-10-30).

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Background: This workout was designed by Hyrox @hyroxworld and posted as one of their “Workouts of the Week.”

Hyrox bills itself as a worldwide fitness competition for everybody and holds an annual “championship of fitness” event with participants from around the world.

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