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“Dia De Los Muertos”

GarageGymAthlete Benchmark WOD

2.2K 44
  • With a Running Clock For As Long As Possible
  • 10 meter Sprint in the first minute
  • 20 meter Sprint in the second minute
  • 30 meter Sprint in the third minute
  • etc.
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Ascending Push-Ups
  • Start with 1 Push-Up. Add 1 Push-Up every minute until failure.

With a running clock, perform 10 meter Sprint in the first minute, then 20 meter Sprint, adding 10 meter Sprint every minute for as long as possible. Once athlete, failed to finish the designated meters for the minute, rest 5 minutes. Then, perform ascending Push-Ups, starting with 1 Push-Up, adding 1 repetition every minute until failure.

Score is the total number of repetitions completed until failure.

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Background: This workout from End of Three Fitness was posted to their @garagegymathlete Instagram channel and YouTube, as one of their “Meet Yourself Saturday” series of workouts: “We decided to kick the year off with a bang and welcome all of our new members to an epic Meet Yourself Saturday. Just know athletes all over will be joining. Also, scale accordingly.”

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