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“3RM Overhead Squat”

2018 CrossFit Southie Showdown WOD

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  • For Load
  • 3 rep max Overhead Squats from Rack

For safety reasons, the barbell must be dropped to the floor in front of the athlete at the end of each rep. No lowering barbells onto the shoulders will be allowed. Athletes will be responsible for cleaning the weight or stripping weight off of the barbell to get it back on the rack; judges will not assist.

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Background: “3RM Overhead Squat” was one of the WODs programmed for CrossFit Southie’s @crossfitsouthie (Boston, MA, USA) 8th annual Southie Showdown competition in 2018.

The event’s goal is to “provide a fun, fair, and challenging competition for all levels of competitors – from total newbies to Regional and Games athletes. The addition of the Advanced Division in 2017 made the competition even more fierce on all levels and gave some of the area’s best athletes a chance to throw down against one another before heading into Open season.”

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