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  • AMRAP in 21 minutes
  • Max Strict Pull-Ups
  • 400/200/100 meter Run
  • Each time you break a set of pull-ups, complete a run. From 0:00-7:00 run 400s, from 7:00-14:00 run 200s, and from 14:00-21:00 run 100s.

On a 21-minute clock, perform as many Strict Pull-Ups as possible. Every time you break a set of Pull-Ups, you will have to complete the prescribed penalty Run.

Score is the total number of Strict Pull-Ups completed before the 21-minute clock is completed.

Scaling Options
Choose a pulling exercise that is challenging but allows you to complete at least 10 reps unbroken in the early rounds. If at any point you cannot complete 3 reps unbroken, switch to an easier form of Pull-Up.

Intermediate: Can be completed as Rx’d

AMRAP in 14 minutes
200 meter Jog
10 Ring Rows

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