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"Strict Lynne" Class WOD

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  • “Strict Lynne”
  • 5 Rounds:
  • Max Bodyweight Bench Press
  • Max Strict Pull-Ups
  • Rest 3 Minutes Between

In a strict variation of the CrossFit benchmark workout “Lynne”, we are looking to focus on pure upper body pressing and pulling strength. While the workout calls for bodyweight bench press and strict pull-ups, picking movements athletes could do 12-15 repetitions when fresh will allow them to get the most out of this workout. After they complete as many bench press reps as they can, they will immediately move to the pull-up bar for max repetitions before resting three minutes. The rest is just as important as the work, as it gives athletes time to recover so they can maximize their scores each round. Each round scored separately as bench press and pull-up repetitions.

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Strategy: With three minutes of rest between each round, not looking to game this workout too much. What is more important that actual strategy during this workout is making sure that athletes have chosen a proper weight and pull-up modification to get the right stimulus. This three minute rest also allows for athletes to pair up on a bench so that they may spot each other. Everyone should have a spotter, but If someone doesn’t for some reason, making sure the bar doesn’t have any clips on will make for a safe bail of the weights.

Source: wodwell.com
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