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  • Three rounds of:
  • 20 Walking Lunges; with dumbbells totaling 1/3 your bodyweight
  • 20 Thrusters
  • 20 Pull-ups
  • Rest three minutes.
  • Notes:
  • 1. Measure your pace so that “Thrusters” begin directly under your pull-up bar.
  • 2. Each step of the lunge should drop the trailing knee so that it "kisses" the ground.
  • 3. "Thrusters" begin in a deep squat and end in full hip, leg, and arm extension.
  • 4. No crappy pull-ups. Adam's apple to bar at top, arms completely extended at bottom.
  • 5. The twenty pull-ups are consecutive pull-ups. You don't come down from the bar
  • until they're done. Have someone assist you minimally if assistance is required.

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