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CrossFit Programs for the Rest of Us

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Online CrossFit Programs for Every Day Athletes. Global Community Built-In.

After years of training at a CrossFit box, as time-starved working parents, we unfortunately got to a point where we didn’t have time to commute to the gym anymore.

We missed the gym community, but to stay consistent with our training we choose to work out at home, in our garage gym.

 Turns out the convenience of training at home really helped with that consistency. We got fitter than we’ve ever been!

After years of refining our at-home training programs, we made them available to WODwell’s global community of athletes.

Join us! Spend less time thinking about what workout to do and more time enjoying your fitness.


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Lisa & Jeremy


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Programs include:

  • Daily workout, warm-up, accessory work, and more (designed to fit into a 60-minute training session)
  • Workout modifications for limited or no equipment
  • Skill development and progressions to help you improve
  • Scaling options for different ability levels
  • Movement demos, coaches’ notes, and performance tips
  • Global members-only community for accountability and encouragement
  • Log your results and track your progress

Get the benefits of training at home and join a like-minded fitness community.

Convenience and accountability help you stay consistent. Staying consistent with effective training is how you get results.

Need a custom program? Hire a Coach.

If you’re very new to CrossFit training or a serious competitor you may benefit from an individualized program tailored to your needs.   

Get an individualized training program, based on you, your equipment, your background, and your goals:

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