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Wall Climb/Wall Walk

The Wall Walk is a climb from the ground (prone), into a handstand against a wall, and back down to the ground again. It’s a bodyweight gymnastics movement that develops strength, coordination, and balance. To decrease the difficulty, climb only 1/2 way up the wall.

Set-Up: Start prone (laying face down) on the floor with the hands flat on the ground. It should look like the bottom of the Push-Up position. Squeeze the butt and abs.

Execution: Extend the arms by pressing to the top of a Push-Up/Plank Hold position. Maintain a neutral spine position. Climb the feet up the wall and walk hands closer to the wall. The arms remain extended throughout. Continue until the chest and thighs touch the wall. To complete the movement, return to the prone position on the floor.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Athlete must begin in a prone position with the chest, belly and thighs on the floor
– Athlete must touch the thighs and chest to the wall in the inversion
– Athlete must return to the starting position: prone with the chest, belly and thighs on the floor

Pro Tip: The upper body will be the first thing to fatigue in this movement. Keep the arms very straight—no elbow bend—throughout the climb to save the arms from early burnout.

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