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Do what the gymnasts do—muscle-ups! There’s hardly a movement that will work your upper body pulling strength better than a muscle-up. They also challenge your core (you have to remain braced throughout the movement) and your upper body pushing strength (you have to do a ring dip to complete the muscle-up).

Set-Up: Set the gymnastics rings so they are approximately shoulder-width apart. Grab the rings with a false grip (?). Hang from the rings with the arms fully extended. Brace the core.

Execution: Pull the rings to your sternum as your torso leans back. Move your chest over the rings and come into a position that looks like the bottom of a ring dip. Keep your hands and elbows tight to the body. To complete the movement, get to the support position with arms fully extended. 

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You start the movement below the rings with your arms fully extended and feet off the floor
– You finish the movement above the rings with your arms fully extended in the support position
– Your feet do not rise above the height of the rings during the movement (such as during a kipping swing)

Pro-Tip: You wouldn’t do handstand push-ups before you learned how to perform a standard push-up. You wouldn’t do kipping chest-to-bar pull-ups before you learned strict pull-ups. Apply the same mindset to the muscle-up. Learn the strict ring muscle-up before you try the kipping variation.

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