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Inverted Burpee

The Inverted Burpee is a partial backwards roll into a freestanding handstand. This high-skill gymnastics movement strengthens the core, challenges balance and coordination, and tests the athlete’s body control. To decrease the difficulty, kick up to a wall.

Set-Up: Stand tall with both feet together and face forward. Make sure there’s nothing behind the athlete. Use a gymnastics-style mat for comfort.

Execution: Roll back to a supine position. From the supine position, kip, or sit-up and roll, to the feet. Place hands on the floor and kick up into a freestanding handstand. Squeeze the butt and tighten the abs to find control in the handstand. Return to the standing position to initiate the next repetition.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Athlete must begin in a supine position with the shoulders on the floor and the feet overhead in a partial roll
– Athlete must momentarily hold (and show control in) a freestanding handstand where the shoulders, hips, and ankles are in line

Pro-Tip: In the handstand, squeeze the thighs together tightly. When the legs squeeze together, the whole body gets rigid. And the more rigid the body is, the more sturdy the handstand will be.

Inverted Burpee Demos

The Inverted Burpee
Inverted Burpee Demo - Paradiso CrossFit

Inverted Burpee Scaling & Progressions

Inverted Burpee & Scaling Option