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Flutter Kick/Leg Raise

The Flutter Kick is a movement performed on the ground (supine position) where the legs kick up and down in small, fast motions while the head and upper back remain elevated off the ground. It’s a simple yet potent core strengthening exercise.

Set-Up: Start in the supine position (face up) on the ground with the head and upper back lifted and the legs and feet about 6-12 inches off the floor. Press the low back firmly into the ground.

Execution: Keep the head and upper back off the floor. Kick the legs up and down using a small, fast motion—like how the legs kick while swimming. The legs/feet stay off the ground during the movement.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Athlete must keep head/upper back off the ground during the movement
– Athlete must keep legs/feet off the ground during the movement
– Athlete must reach the requisite number of reps or the requisite duration before the legs, head, and upper back can return to the floor

Pro Tip: Flutter Kicks can be made even more difficult by changing the position. The athlete can perform Flutter Kicks while in an L-Sit on parallettes, while in an L-Hang on rings/pull-up bar, or while holding kettlebells/dumbbells in the overhead position.

Flutter Kick/Leg Raise Demos

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Flutter Kick/Leg Raise Scaling & Progressions

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