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Box Step-Up

The Box Step-Up is both a scale for Box Jumps as well as a standalone unilateral movement designed to strengthen the lower body one leg at a time. Unilateral movements are important because they both diagnose and rehabilitate muscle imbalances. And since significant imbalances predispose athletes to injury, movements like Box Step-Ups are important to train. 

Set-Up: Start with your feet hip-width apart. Stand close to the box—about a foot away. Set eyes on the landing spot—dead-center on the box. 

Execution: Step up on top of the box. Reach full knee extension before bringing the other foot up on the box. Once knee extension of the working leg has been reached, bring the other foot on top of the box. Stand tall at the top. Reach full hip/knee extension. Step down to begin the next repetition. Unless otherwise noted, alternate legs on the up and down to keep the body balanced. 

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Reach full hip/knee extension at the top
– Use the prescribed height (It’s common for men to step up to a 24 inch box height, and women to step up to a 20 inch box height. Check the WOD standards.) 

Pro-Tip: To achieve significant muscular fatigue (and build really strong legs) hold Dumbbells either at your sides or in the front rack position during the Box Step-Up.

Box Step-Up Demos

Box Step Up Active Life Demo
The Box Step-Up